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I connected with Senior Solutions Montreal because I live in California and my elderly parents live in Montreal. I wanted someone to visit them regularly and monitor their situation. My mother is 83 and has severe arthritis, while my 88-year old father suffered a mild stroke last year. I look forward to Senior Solutions Montreal's monthly phone calls to update me on my parent's situation. 

I aslo have the reassurance that I can call them at any time for further assistance and guidance. Their case management services have made it easier for me, being their only child and living out of town. 

I would HIGHLY recommend them! 

- Laurie K.
I called upon Senior Solutions Montreal to help homologate a mandate for my brother who could no longer manage his finances. I found them to be both efficient & professional! They completed the task in several days. 

When I called my brother's affiliated local community healthcare agency, the wait time just to meet with a social worker was over three months. I really appreciated their quick response and understanding nature towards this sensitive matter.

- Mark S. 
I have been seeing Marla for counselling for the past 6 months. I am a caregiver for my wife who has Parkinson's. She is always very sensitive and has let me know that it's 'okay' to feel frustrated at times. 
She has helped me better cope with my wife's illness. 

- Harry W.
I contacted Senior Solutions Montreal last year for assistance with my dad. My father is 86 years old and experiencing a lot of confusion due to his vascular dementia. I always felt worried because he was living alone in his condo. 

With the assistance of the professionals at Senior Solutions, my father was successfully relocated to a private foster home close to where I live. I visit him frequently and I see how happy he is there. Thank you for all your help - you are saviours! 

- Selena M.
Katie is just wonderful! She found me a nice lady to help me in my home every day with the cooking, cleaning, and taking me to appointments, so I would not have to move to a senior's residence. I will always be grateful for her help.
- Bella R. 
The social workers at Senior Solutions contacted a nice physiotherapist for me. She adapted my home with shower bars, and a walking ramp, and now I feel safe & secure in my own home. 

- Sarah Y.
My wife and I contacted Senior Solutions, as we needed help to write a report to name me as my son's private curator. My twenty-eight year old son, Eduardo, was born with a developmental delay and was diagnosed with autism at the age of three; he now lives in a government run group home.  The social worker that helped us with this process was knowledgeable, very sensitive to this stressful situation, and fully explained this foreign legal process to us.  We were so grateful for this help, and have a great sense of relief knowing that all the necessary legal measures needed to keep my son safe and maintained in his current environment, have been completed and was handled so efficiently!  Thanks again for all of your assistance!

- Girard R.
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