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Our Expertise

Senior Solutions Montreal is a private agency that offers specialized social work services for seniors and those with losses of autonomy (ages 18+) living in Montreal, QC. 


We assist older adults in maintaining their independence at home by recommending and implementing various public, private and community services to best support their needs.  However, if it is time to look into private placement, we will assist seniors and their families through this process.

At Senior Solutions Montreal, we understand that accepting the responsibility for the well-being of an elderly parent or relative with a loss of autonomy may leave one feeling overwhelmed. Therefore, we offer support and guidance through active monitoring of your loved one. We can help you negotiate the health care system and assist in advocating with physicians, community health centers and other health care professionals.

Furthermore, we offer counselling and referrals to other services for caregivers, such as support groups in the community.

As well, if individuals are deemed incapacitated by their treating physician, we are able to write the psychosocial evaluation required for this legal process. In order to institute a level of protective regime, this report is mandated by the Courts (in Quebec) for anyone over the age of 18, whether this inaptitude is attributed to intellectual disabilities, or cognitive deficits resulting from age or a medical condition.

SSM Services
  • Home or hospital consultations with older adults and their families in order to identify particular needs.

  • Conducting a thorough assessment of the current situation and developing an appropriate care plan.

  • Referring to various services and programs, such as social activities, meal services and support groups.

  • Arranging and monitoring in-home help and other recommended services, such as meals on wheels, fall alert systems and nursing services.

  • Carrying out psychosocial evaluations for mandate homologations and private curatorships (for individuals over the age of 18).

  • Completing assessments for placement in the private sector.

  • Acting as a liaison and support for family caregivers.

  • Providing assistance in choosing a senior's residence.

  • Monthly monitoring packages that include regular home visits, telephone contact and follow up with caregivers.

  • Counselling.

  • Assessing dwellings for safety (usually completed by one of our rehabilitation specialists), and making special equipment recommendations.

There is no reason to feel alone.

We are here to help!

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